Advantages of black gold compost

Extract of natural fertilizers
Mixture of plant and animal waste
herb seeds
Saves water use
instant soil fertilizer
nutritious for plants
It is used with all types of plants

Advantages of Black Gold Fertilizer

One of the most important and largest fertilizers with a history in the world
High performance products of the highest quality
Teams of specialists develop, produce and sell products
All raw materials meet quality standards
You guarantee the complete success of the farming currency
It helps in the necessary microbial activity in the soil.
It attracts beneficial insects such as earthworms.
It protects the soil from many diseases
Soil improver without peat
Increases soil fertility
Natural source of nitrogen
Improves moisture retention, making water easily available to plant roots
Increases nutrient retention by reducing nutrient leakage away from the roots, especially in sandy soil
Opens heavy clay soil
Helps reduce compaction of dense soil
The best fertilizers for gardens, sandy and reclaimed soil
It does not contain any chemicals


Compost is an organic fertilizer that supplies the plant with the nutrients it needs. It is produced from the decomposition of a mixture of plant and animal residues and organic residues that are mixed after rotting with silt, sand, lime and a fertilizer containing nitrogen, phosphate and potassium. It is used as an organic fertilizer that helps in plant growth and supplies it with nutrients. necessary; It is one of the best types of compost in the Arab world and black gold compost.
It helps in improving the properties of the soil and supplying it with the necessary nutrients. It also increases the ability of the soil to retain water and protects the soil from pests and diseases.

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Black gold compost

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