Black Gold Agricultural Soil Contents

Organic matter 80-85%
Water saving capacity
125% Gly Nitrogen 2%
1% phosphorous potassium 0.70% Magnesium 0.70% iron 0.95% pH 6- 6.5%

Advantages of black gold agricultural soil

Soil rich in nutrients needed for germination and cultivation It contains all major and minor elements and soil conditioners Rich in organic matter Free from pathogens and harmful pests Helps better and faster growth of plants Free from weed seeds, harmful plants and nematodes Helps build stronger roots It protects against over-watering by leaking more water than it needs It is well ventilated and drought tolerant Light to use and easy to carry

Black Gold Agricultural Soil Sizes

Agricultural soil 10 liters
Agricultural soil 30 liters
Agricultural soil 50 liters
Agricultural soil 80 liters


Black Gold agricultural soil is more intended for home farming and nurseries, as it helps plants grow and supply them with the necessary nutrients, build stronger roots and protect them from excessive watering.
Black Gold agricultural soil is natural, does not contain chemicals, and the proportion of organic matter is 80-85%.

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